France Virtual Phone Number


Xootf provides the cheapest and easiest way to own a virtual phone number, with no extra monthly cost.

Send and receive SMS with your personal virtual number!

**France number deploys manually to comply with the laws. Usually delivers in a day.

Personal France Virtual Phone number for 30 days, $4.99 per month.

Why buy a virtual phone number?
Quick deployment, you don’t need to visit a store to get your number, you can do it online
Filters all spam message to your personal mobile number
New online identity, create multiple accounts.

We also offers an easy to understand user interface, just buy a number and it is ready to be used

Send/ Receive SMS easily and do online phone verification with our virtual phone number.

**We cannot guarantee our virtual number will work on every website, once number is issued, we cannot do any refunds. Please understand that before making a purchase at

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