Terms of Service

Xootf will provide the service as offered, as described on website. Customer understands and agrees that Xootf will host and create the Service(s) solely in accordance with the information provided by Customer, including but not limited to your billing information (Full name, email address, billing address, credit card information) and service details (hostname, password, your choices of add-ons).

By submitting information, you grant us the right to provide the billing information to third parties for purposes of completing your purchases.

By accessing this Website, accessible from https://xootf.com, you are agreeing to be bound by these Website Terms and Conditions of Use and agree that you are responsible for the agreement with any applicable local laws. If you disagree with any of these terms, you are prohibited from accessing this site. The materials contained in this Website are protected by copyright and trade mark law.

These terms are subject to change in Xootf’s sole discretion with such changes being effective upon posting. You are responsible to check this page often to get the latest updated Terms of Service. Please review these terms carefully.


Condition of use
You agree that any violations listed in our Acceptable Usage Policy are considered prohibited usage and may result in immediate account suspension and/or termination without compensation.

Intentional or Malicious violations of our Acceptable Usage Policy will result in immediate termination, and a ban from any further service.


Acceptable Use
Xootf’s services may not be used for illegal, improper, and/or inappropriate purposes.

Illegal purposes include, but are not limited to:

  • Violating any applicable law or regulation, whether local, state, federal, or foreign.
  • Damaging, interfering with, overburdening, or otherwise adversely impacting the availability, reliability, or stability of the Services or third-party systems or networks relating to the Services.
  • Using the Services to harvest or otherwise collect information about individuals, including email addresses or phone numbers, without their explicit consent or under false pretenses.
  • Using virtual numbers or voice numbers to receive messages for the purposes of identity verification, bulk messaging, automated messaging, messages using automated dialing and the like.

More information and more detailed information are listed on our AUP page.




    • Invoice for recurring product will be generated 7 days before the invoice is due
    • Unpaid service will be terminated on the due date. In cases where re-activation of service is needed after termination, it is subject to availability and extra charges maybe implied to restore the access.


Recurring Payment

    • Xootf automatically capture charges when invoice are generated for recurring invoices that signed up for PayPal subscription or credit card payments
    • Customer permits Xootf to reattempt to capture payment if the first capture attempt fails.
    • Customer is responsible for cancelling service(s) before the generation of invoice to avoid being mischarged.


Refund Policy

    • Xootf have strict no refund policy when numbers are already activated.
    • Xootf will not refund if the number is checked working from our side but it is not working for your SMS receiving purposes.
    • For numbers that are not activated and refund is required, please contact us through ticket and get the refund processed. Do not file a chargeback / dispute to get your refund, we treat with chargeback/ disputes very seriously. In case a chargeback / dispute case is made, it will be dealt seriously according to our chargeback/ dispute policy, read below.


Chargeback/ Disputes

Xootf treat chargeback/ dispute case very seriously. In cases where a chargeback/ dispute case is filed, the following will happen

    • Immediate services termination of all services without compensations/refunds and account closure without notification. This process can not be reversed even if customer self-closed disputes/chargebacks.
    • All account credits that are available in your account will be frozen.
    • A $150 ‘Administrative Fee’ is charged for every single chargeback/ dispute case filed.
    • In cases where a restoration of account access is required, Xootf will charge a $100 penalty fees to reactivate your account that has chargeback/ dispute case filed. ( All dispute case needs to be closed and repaid )
    • In cases that a reactivation of a terminated service is required, Xootf charges $50 extra per service excluding the services charges to reactivate the services that are terminated due to account closure because of a chargeback/ dispute case. ( subject to service availability )
    • In cases where the dispute cases are not solved within 30 days,  all your information that we collected from you will be handed to local law enforcer.
    • In cases where customer would like to appeal to the chargeback/ dispute case, please contact us.


Fraud protection

    • Account details must match information provided by payment method.
    • Registration and Order Placement must be taken place from the client’s residential ISP.
    • In order to process order(s) that not passed initial fraud check, Xootf might require valid documentations to be submitted



    • Xootf will provide support for all our services through our ticketing system. Please do not
    • All support request related to services are guaranteed to be solved within 48 hours or compensation will be made accordingly
    • All sales request will be replied within 7 days depending on the request.



In no event will xootf.com be liable to customer or any third party for any direct, indirect, punitive, special, consequential or other damages for actions taken or not taken pursuant to this policy, including, without limitation, any lost profits, business interruption, loss of programs or data, or otherwise, even if xootf.com was advised of the possibility of such damages. This limitation of liability in favor of xootf.com is in addition to any limitations set forth in any agreement between xootf.com and any applicable user and will apply whether the action in which recovery is sought is based in contract or tort (including, without limitation, negligence or strict liability), or any applicable laws.


Please read our Privacy Policy.


Governing Law and Location for Resolving Disputes
Any claim related to Xootf Enterprise’s Website shall be governed by the laws of Malaysia without regards to its conflict of law provisions.
You further agree that any disputes or claims that you may have against us or our suppliers will be resolved in court located in Malaysia.